Jen Ambrose

Copywriter, Content Designer & Creative Strategist

Augmented Reality Fundraising App

Augmented reality signs hover above a building rendering.

Augmented Reality Fundraising App Overview As part of a $300M campaign to transform the University of Florida College of Engineering, I collaborated on an augmented reality app that was presented at a donor event. I wrote the book content and the microcopy for the app.  Read More Posts

Early SaaS User Assistance

A red CD with a DataCore logo sits in front of its sleeve.

For the first three years of the millenium, I worked as a technical documentation specialist for what was then an early-stage startup, DataCore Software. Our core product, SANsymphony, was an operating system for storage. Our first users were UNIX administrators who were used to managing storage by doing the best they could with what they had. They’d never done anything like what you could do with SANsymphony. No one had. So they didn’t just need step-by-step procedures, they needed conceptual introductions in order to understand what they were doing. Documentation was critical.

#CyberMonday Security Tips

“Be careful not to reuse passwords. If a retail site gets hacked and you signed up for it with your banking password, your finances could be at risk. If you can only remember one password – make the one you use to log into a password manager.” – Kevin Butler, Ph.D.

#CyberMonday Security Tips Overview While working at UF’s College of Engineering, I helped promote the researchers at the Florida Institute for Cybersecurity Research. They provided the highest level of expertise to government, industry and academia in all aspects of cybersecurity and assurance – including hardware, networks, mobile, Big Data, biometrics, Internet of Things (IOT), applied cryptography, nanoscale, social sciences […]

Technology-Based News Stories

A collage of professional headshots with an orange and blue overlay.

UF Engineering News Stories Overview From 2013-2017, I wrote content and copy promoting the College of Engineering at the University of Florida. I covered nine engineering departments: biomedical, chemical, civil. computer and information science, electrical, environmental, industrial and systems, mechanical and aerospace, and nuclear. Most of my work focused on faculty research, student achievements and […]

Ethics Podcast Intro (& Strategy)

Screen capture of the In Word And Deed open in the Apple Podcasts app.

In 2021, I had the pleasure of producing In Word & Deed, a podcast featuring young, world-class ethics bowl champions discussing the nuts and bolts of civil discourse. I worked with students and faculty to organize dozens of micro lessons into six cohesive food-themed discussions. I also wrote the intro. (Fun fact, my husband wrote the music). Visually, I’m a big fan of short sentences. But in the studio they sound clipped. And so, you’re about to see a very long sentence. Please note, it is not a run-on. I would never do that. And if I did, I wouldn’t put it in my portfolio.