Jen Ambrose

Copywriter, Content Designer & Creative Strategist

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Perceptive Strategic

Process. Solutions.

I love getting to the heart of a problem, then asking “how might we solve it?”

I work with design and development teams to improve user experience—with words.


My Top Skills Will Score Big With Your Users, Your Team & Your Board


Novel. Concise. Impactful.

Good, clear writing makes our lives easier. It eliminates confusion, gets us where we want to go, and can melt away our pain points — especially so with microcopy. Aspiring cooks were once swallowed alive by endless scrolling. Then along came those three little words: “jump to recipe.”

Content Design

Accessible. Intuitive. Connected.

The systems and strategies that shape the framework of your content are just as important as the words you use. When I design content, I prioritize accessibility and consider the needs of back and front-end users — creating sustainable solutions for contribution, and comprehension.

Creative Strategist

Distinct. Consistent. Fluid.

Outwardly, your brand is how people know and love you. Inwardly, it’s what takes the guesswork out of your teamwork. When creative collaboration is centered around clear guidelines — based on your “why”— I can help you transform research insights into strategic ideas, effectively executed.

Case Studies

In-depth narratives that Illustrate my approach to problem solving


Writing Samples and Design Projects that demonstrate my Experience & Interests